TRIP On, Axe: “Flashback born of melancholy”

Axe, Guitarist and co-founder of TRIP On talks in an interview about the new single “Flashback” which will be released tomorrow on Youtube.

Axe confesses that the single Flashback was born in a moment of melancholy “That only the guitar can heal”.

The TRIP On co-founder explicitly tells Endeavor Mediapress: “The guitar is my best friend, the only one who understands you when you’re down”.

Speaking of TRIP On Ax explains: “We are a collective of musicians who came together for passion, passion for instrumental music, we are all members of various bands with the need to express ourselves in various musical languages different from the original projects”.

On choosing to remain anonymous: “People have to immerse themselves in our music, it’s not important who we are,” he said.

Axe also talks about the future of the project: “At the moment we are a studio project, we are working to create an EP of 4/5 songs, for the future it is not excluded that the group will expand to other musicians, and perhaps create a live show with dancers and video projections”.