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Fluid Company Music & Media Group Dalo

The Ligurian producer and composer talks about his relationship with music a few weeks before the release of his new single Jacaranda.

DALO explains how his music is constantly evolving: “Music is the soundtrack of my life, it changes according to my mood, the moment and the place. Many of my productions are born during my walks, I am very attached to our territory1, I often draw inspiration from glimpses, panoramas or plants as in the case of Jacaranda .”

Continues the producer from Liguria: “I love celebrating the images of my land with music and that’s why I asked the talented visual artist Marina Fenech to contribute to the creation of the Jacaranda video clip, who better than her?!.. who is already advertising western Liguria on social media for free with his photos and videos.”

Why Jacaranda: “Although Jacaranda is not an indigenous plant it is very present in our area, a South American legend says that the presence of this tree transmits wisdom, the single one from which it takes its name represents this moment of tranquility, the sensation of stillness, of wisdom acquired precisely that one has by observing the purple fronds that color our landscapes.”

We just have to wait for the publication date: “The date will be disclosed shortly through my social media channels and those of the Label Fluid Company which I thank because it is one of the few realities that try to enhance western Liguria by producing artists who otherwise would remain talents unspoken.”

1 Bordighera [ndr]

TRIP On: Hot Shot Debut

Hot Shot Debut for TRIP On with their single “Flashback” which in the first week immediately rises to first place on the HOT 1000 N1M CHART.

The single Flashback takes first place in week 28 of 2023 in the Irish ranking of the World category.

An acknowledgment that keyboardist KBoy of TRIP On defines as vital for the motivation he gives to the project:

” This result is not entirely unexpected, we worked very hard spending many hours in the studio and we knew that the song had great potential, the entry in the standings it is very important for the energy and motivation it gives to us and to the project, we will work with even more enthusiasm on the next tracks”.

Kboy continues: “Obviously it’s nice to be first in the charts, but for us these things are not important, we prefer to think about the music and the journeys that we have to tell our listeners with it”.

We just have to wait for the next releases of this mysterious collective.

TRIP On, Axe: “Flashback born of melancholy”

Axe, Guitarist and co-founder of TRIP On talks in an interview about the new single “Flashback” which will be released tomorrow on Youtube.

Axe confesses that the single Flashback was born in a moment of melancholy “That only the guitar can heal”.

The TRIP On co-founder explicitly tells Endeavor Mediapress: “The guitar is my best friend, the only one who understands you when you’re down”.

Speaking of TRIP On Ax explains: “We are a collective of musicians who came together for passion, passion for instrumental music, we are all members of various bands with the need to express ourselves in various musical languages different from the original projects”.

On choosing to remain anonymous: “People have to immerse themselves in our music, it’s not important who we are,” he said.

Axe also talks about the future of the project: “At the moment we are a studio project, we are working to create an EP of 4/5 songs, for the future it is not excluded that the group will expand to other musicians, and perhaps create a live show with dancers and video projections”.

Partnership with the Amazon Affiliate Program

Fluid Company Music & Media Group becomes an Amazon partner by joining the affiliate program.

A collaboration that repays the efforts of the Fluid Company team that have brought the Youtube channel to 10,000 views and more than 260 subscribers in less than a year, small numbers when compared to other more established and famous realities, but they take on a different importance if you think that are made without a budget to pay for a marketing plan.
Emanuel De La Isla Head of Fluid Company says he is very confident for this 2023:

“It has been a very complex year, like any new reality can be when it starts from scratch, the team (including backoffice and artists) did a great job and the numbers say we are growing, all thanks to our supporters, to whom we are enormously grateful”.